Hi Ms Smetherst. Have you met Tristan Dent. He is my Cousin. How is your new school going. What is your job there?


I woke up and I saw nothing  but I heard a whimper. I could not find it but I heard  it again. I was not allowedd to open my presents so I just went back to bed. Then I heard it again. It was a pup and it was under my bed.

I yelled to Mum and Dad “I got a puppy dog”.  Mum and Dad was tired but I  got them out  of bed anyway. The puppy was 3 months old.  He is black with yellow spots and his name is  Sparky.

 Mum and Dad  gave me some Lego too but I didn’t play with that because I went for a walk with Sparky. When I got home Mum and Dad were not there and I could not find them. All was left was Mum in a photo. I said  to my self I must find them. I spent years and months trying to find them.

Finally I found them and they died in my hands. I pulled myself  together  and  I knew what  to do. I had to go find Santa. He might be able  to give Mum and Dad another chance to stay alive. He is very old and very wise. He gave me a chance and within a second Mum and Dad were alive and staying alive  and we lived  happily ever after.







The Mystireos Chistmas Day

I woke up Christmas morning and heard a whimper coming from the living room. I started down the stairs I was scared because some man could of came out of nowere but apparantly it was santa puting all the presents down for my brother and I.Then I had breakfast with santa it was awesome because he gave me eight hundred million dollers WOW and I shared it with my family. After a while Iwent to bed 3 seconds later I woke up and everybody else did to then we all lookedat the presants.


I Woke Up Christmas Morning

I woke up Christmas morning and heard a whimper coming from the living room. I started down the stairs and went into the living room. I still heard the whimper so I went into the kitchen and I saw an elf. He said that people should not look at elves, Santa or reindeers. So I closed my eyes for one second and he was gone in a blink of a eye. I called out ” little elf” and he came back in a puff of smoke. Maybe just once you can see something magical. But Santa was watching every little elf and he saw the littlest elf. He called up everybody in the North Pole and everyone got on the sleigh. They came out of the sleigh . “I was just being friends  with him.” Santa smiled with relief. OK little boy you have to go back to bed. I said bye to everyone and went back to sleep.

A Day in the Garden

IMG_0075 IMG_0072IMG_0068  IMG_0077

Today Grade 2FS planted our seedlings. We planted cucumbers, oregano, strawberries and Impatiens. It was a class effort with holes being dug, seedlings planted and watered and then carefully placing our signs we made and decorated for our planter boxes. Now we need to nurture, water and talk to our plants and watch them grow!

Grade 2FS Garden

We are going to start planting a variety of seedlings into our class planter boxes for our community garden. Keep checking in to see what we are up to. Here is a little look at some of the plants we are going to plant.