It’s raining



It’s raining outside, I can see black clouds.

I can hear thunder, and hail stones rattling.

I smell damp air and eucalyptus trees.

I am scared and staying dry

I say a storm is coming, look at the lightning.

It’s Raining

I see a rainbow and hailstones.

I hear banging and howling wind.

I smell damp, yucky things.

I am creeped out and freaked out.

I say I want the rain to stop.

I’m frightend.

Skype with Pularumpi School, Tiwi Islands

My Place – Your Place

Pularumpi Town on Melville Island Pularumpi is at the “top end” of Australia
Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.19.08 AM Pularumpi

The 2FS wrote a short recount about the Skype. They were practising the use of commas by using a list of student names and places in their writing by including the following information. Below is an extract of some of the students’ writing.

Bailey Wrote:

  • The class and I Skyped to Pularumpi School yesterday. We talked to Bruce, Darnelle, Clara, Pearl and Noelissa.

Emelia Wrote:

  • Their school was Pularumpi school on Melville Island, in the Tiwi Islands, in Northern Territory, in Australia.

Kyra Wrote:

  • Yesterday my class Skyped the Northern Territory school in Melville Island, Australia. The teacher is called Mr. Mosley. Mr. Mosley’s students are called Bruce, Darnelle, Clara, Pearl and Noelissa. They are Aboriginal students. Next week we will Skype Bruce, Darnelle, Clara Pearl and Noelissa for more information. This time they are asking the questions.

Bella Wrote:

  • Yesterday we Skyped with the Tiwi Island. It was exciting.

Aaron Wrote:

  • We asked them some questions and we told them where we live. They were in grade T/1 and there was one boy and four girls.

Matilda Wrote:

  • There were 22 people in their class but some were away. They love fishing, football and soccer. Next week we are going to Skype with them again.

Tyler Wrote:

  • Yesterday we Skyped with Pularumpi School. Their names were called Bruce, Darnelle, Clara, Pearl and Noelissa. Their favourite thing was swimming and fishing. They were in the Northern Territory, Australia, World, Universe!

It’s Raining

I see a rainbow when it’s raining and a bit of sun and I see puddles when it’s raining.

I hear thunder and banging.20140319143624

I can smell yucky damp air.

I get scared and nervous.

I say that I don’t like thunderstorms ever.


Grade 2FS have been writing Octopoems as you can see below. Octopoems have 8 lines and each line describes the topic as another thing.

 Line one is a colour

Line two is a season

Line three is a place

Line four is weather

Line five is an item of clothing

Line six is a piece of furniture

Line seven is a TV show

Line eight is a type of food

This site helps you automatically create an Octopoem by typing in the boxes. Why not write a poem and copy it into the comments section of this post so that we can read your work. If you are a member of this blog then copy it into a new post.

Witches Octo-poem

20140314095628A witch is green and black

She is the winter time in a horror house in disguise as a candy house

She is the thunder, cloudy and lightning.

She wears a black coat .

She is a skinny broom and a skinny pot.

She is on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

A skinny beef sausage.