The Story of Chantel by Emelia

Narrative Reflection

What is the problem in your narrative?  Chanetel got turned into a animal.
What solution did you think of?  The witch turned Chantel back.
What is another solution for your problem?  The witch siad ” no” and tried to turn the prince into an animal too but her wand backfired.


4 thoughts on “The Story of Chantel by Emelia

  1. I love your story and details! How did the prince get the witch to turn Chantel back into human?

  2. Hi Emilia. How did the Prince get the Witch to turn Chantel back. I like the story of Chantel. :]

  3. To Emelia

    Hi Emelia I loved your storey my favourite part was when the witch turned Chantel back.

    From Matilda

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