Hi 2FS

imageHello guys. My family is in Pamplona, Spain. Right now we are at Hotel Yoldi. It is 7am. I know that you are all in school, and if you are wondering why it is 7am over here, it is because of the different time zones and we are 8 hours behind you. I’ve  just eaten breakfast. I don’t have much to do because we don’t have any toys to play with and the T.V we can’t understand the language. It is7:30 now. I hope you are having fun at school!

5 thoughts on “Hi 2FS

  1. Hi Kyra,
    Thank you for your post. We are working hard. On Monday we went to see Sleeping Horses Lie. It was very funny and we liked the mini postman. He was grumpy but funny. Today we are researching our information reports on transport then we are going to Performing Arts and then Sport. Today is Mrs Froelich’s last day before she goes to America. We wish the robotics team all the very best and we look forward to hearing from you again.
    From your 2FS friends

  2. Hi Kyra. We have lots of wrok at school. We even had buddy day lunch with our buddies.I didn’t get to go to Buddy Day lunch because I was away.
    from Abdul

  3. Hi Kyra I hope you are havering a good day today. We are really really busy doing blog work and a lot of it is about your holiday in Spain. Tomorrow I wonder what you are going to have for breakfast. In Paris I want to know if you have seen the Eiffel Tower. from Jacob.

    • Hi Jacob ! Thanks for the comment ! I ate egg, croissants,Special K cereal and some baked beans! I’ve seen the Ilfle Tower. Now I am in London. I’m soon going to write about it!

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