What I am doing now!

Hi 2FS! I am at the hotel now. We went out to look around in the city. There are many shops. I love the cafe where they have lots of yummy pastries! There are also many lollies and ice cream shops everywhere. I ate mango ice cream. I had a little red , chocolate ladybird. It was delicious.

Last night we had dinner with the robotics team, CTRL+ALT+DEL. I was very surprised to see my prep Chinese teacher. She is one of the student’s mum in the team. I played with Chloe at the restaurant.

Today we will be meeting the team again at the hotel where Miss Rapinett is staying to practise. Then we will go the competition place to register and set up our table. The competition will begin on Thursday! It is all so exciting. I’ll tell you all more about the competition on Thursday!

Adios – bye in Spanish.

From Kyra.

2 thoughts on “What I am doing now!

  1. Hi Kyra =)

    It sounds like you have been very busy all the way over there in Spain! It was really interesting to hear about all of the fun things that you are experiencing. How amazing that you bumped into your Chinese teacher from prep!

    It was great hearing from you and we miss you very much.

    From your 2FS mates

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