Competition Spain part 2

On Friday we started the competition our team,CTRLL+ALT+DEL went to the gaming boards. We scored over 300 points but MECHANIC ANTS scored 600 points. We then had another practice on the practice board. I saw Josh and Chloe there too. I also saw the friendship ceremony . I danced the Macarina with Chloe. On Saturday at the competition CTRL+ALT+DEL  went to the gaming boards. They were 38th position out of 92. They scored more than before and had a rest after the last game against Greece, THE ROBOT MASTERS ! I played with Chloe before we went for lunch . Me and Chloe collected balloons from other teams and formed a balloon barrier! We used our bags as cushions and our jackets for a blanket . Me and Chloe played the Ipad, we played Temple run. The scores were very close but we lost. We were very close to winning just 1 point  more to win. It was a great game , although we lost we didn’t come here for nothing. We came here for fun and experience . That night we set off on a bus at 11 at midnight when it was quiet and dark. We went with David a big boy in the team taller than an 11 year old boy. We also went with is mum , my prep Chinese teacher and her husband . We also went with David’s little brother , he is a friend of mine but very big still. The bus arrived as I went to sleep….zZ zZ.

4 thoughts on “Competition Spain part 2

  1. Hi Kyra are you having fun in spain? We had buddy lunch. I had a cupcake and a strawberry milk.It was yummy.I gave my buddy a card.Then he gave me a card. I miss you Kyra.

  2. Hi Kyra are you having fun in Spain? We had buddy lunch. I had a cupcake and a strawberry milk.bIt was yummy. I gave my buddy a card. Then he gave me a card. I miss you Kyra.

  3. Dear Kyra
    Can you see the Eiffel Tower? I wish I could see you right now. What type of food do you eat there? I miss you. I can’t wait until you come back. I’ll be so excited to see you. from Tehya

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