From Mrs. Froelich

Good morning everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. I have arrived in Los Angeles and we are staying in Santa Monica right over the road from the beach and the famous Santa Monica Pier. We have been very busy on the hop on hop off bus seeing the sights of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey. It is Sunday evening here so Monday afternoon in Australia. We had a day walking around Venice beach and relaxing by the pool. Tomorrow we are going to Universal Studios for the day, both Mia and Campbell are very excited. Until next time, be good and have fun!  From Mrs Froelich



18 thoughts on “From Mrs. Froelich

  1. Hi Mrs Froelich.I haven’ t seen you for a long time.I haven’ t been to our buddels for a long time I miss you

    from Abdul

    • Hi Abdul
      I miss you all. I hope you have been working hard and having fun. I will see you all in Term 3, keep working hard.
      rom Mrs Froelich

  2. Hi Mrs froelich. are you having a good. time miss Egan is nice. We are working hard hav you been to the .beach yet? Is your famly going good. so see you latter. from Max by

  3. Hi Mrs Froelich No fair just joking but I really want to go to Los Aneles. I miss you so much. On the beach did you collect shells.

    • Hi Kingston
      One day you may get to Los Angeles. We didnt collect shells on the beach but we enjoyed swimming and bike ridinb along the bike paths. Tomorrow we go to Disneyland and I am very excited.
      Stay warm.
      From Mrs Froelich

  4. I hope your holiday is a wonderful holiday. I hope your family are having fun. I think your in South America or is it North America because you told me one day?

    • Hi Joshua
      We are in North America and having a wonderful time. It is nice and warm here and we have been swimming everyday. Tomorrow we go to Disneyland which is very exciting for our family.
      Stay warm
      Mrs Froelich

  5. Hello Mrs. Froelich. How many times have you been on the ” hop on hop off” bus. We have been having lots of fun and I hope you have been having lots of fun too. From Emelia.

    • Hi Emelia
      We are having a lot of fun. W have been swimming every day and enjoying the sunshine. Tomorrow we are off to Disneyland and my kids are super excited. I hope you are learning a lot at school.
      From Mrs Froelich

      • Hi Mrs. Froelich. How was disneyland? I hope you are having lots of fun.
        From Emelia.

  6. Dear Mrs.Froelich, well it looks like you are having fun at the beach. And I think you and your children will have fun at Universal Studios. And I miss you from Bailey

  7. Hi Max
    We have been to the beach every day and my kids have been swimming. We went on anothr bike ride todayto Venice beach. We hired tandam bikes which take two people. It was great fun. I am glad Miss Egan is nice and I hope you are working hard.
    From Mrs Froelich

  8. I hope you have a better holiday than I did. It was half wet and soggy and half sunny and I got sun burnt. I really miss you! Expecially after my holidays. I THOUGHT YOU WERE STILL AT SCHOOL! BYE BYE!

  9. Hello Mrs Froelich
    I miss you so much. When will you come back?
    From Brody

  10. Hi Mrs Froelich.
    I hope you are having FUN! What did you had for breakfast?

  11. Hi Mrs Froelich ,
    If you go to Hawaii can you teach us how to hula dance?
    Hope you’re enjoying your trip.
    From Alex

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