8 thoughts on “2FS Flies Around the World

  1. Wow all around the world how much fun you all would have had!

    • We had a great time at these places! Some were filled with dangerous animals and others were filled with cities. We had a wonderful adventure and I hope you had one too, Ms Rap! Guess where some of us are! Some people are on holiday again like me 3 times in a row!

  2. Hello 2FS .
    I enjoyed your trip around the world !
    Thank you 🙂

  3. You are very lucky you got to go all those places. I wish I could go to Paris and see the Effle Tower.

  4. Magnifficent job Emelia and Lizzy on your around the world. I liked the fact that you guys did the chill. I really enjoyed your segment. From your buddy Kingston

  5. Hi 2FS. They sounds good. I really liked it. Joshua and Aaron the biding looks FUN!

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