Fiji part one


At the airport we had to go through four queues. One of the queues had an x-ray machine at the end. After we saw our cousins Chelsea, Caitlin, Zoe and Asa. We played on our ipods and iphones until the plane was ready to take off. Once we were in the plane we had to wait for half an hour until the plane took off. Hayley and I were told to go to sleep but we couldn’t. Later, on the plane I fell asleep. Then we arrived in Fiji. It was 6:00am. Fiji time is two hours ahead of Australia. It was nice and warm.

8 thoughts on “Fiji part one

  1. Hi Emelia
    It was only 5C this morning! I bet Fiji is lovely and warm. What a great job you’ve done writing a post already. I am very impressed.
    I’ll tell Mrs. Froelich to show the grade.
    Have a lovely time.
    Mrs. Smethurst

  2. Hi Emelia it sounds like you are having a good time. Are you staying at a resort or a villa?

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