Fiji part 3

Hi 2FS today we went to a school. We donated some things. We donated pencils, textas, books and highlighters. We got lots of high fives. They all sang to us. We donated some money. It was lots of fun. Then we had a little swim back at the resort. Then we went to kids club and made shell necklaces and boats. It was awesome. Later we watched frog racing. We are having a great time!

5 thoughts on “Fiji part 3

  1. Bula Emelia!
    It sounds like you’re having a SPECTACULAR holiday!
    What school did you go to?
    How many times have you been in Fiji? I have never been in Fiji before.
    It is freezing here!
    Do you like Fiji? I hope you do!

  2. Hello Emelia
    It sounds like you are having fun already in just a couple of days. Really! I’m glad to hear that you donated pencils, textas, books and highlighters. I bet you it was fun making the shell necklaces and boats. When the kids sang to you what was the song called?

    From your friend Kaity

  3. Hi Emelia
    How is Fiji? Is it warm? It’s cold in Berwick.
    I heard you donated some things to a school. Did you like them singing to you?
    At Kids’ Club did you have fun making shell necklaces?

    From Elise

  4. Hi Emelia,
    If you have those sort of things, is there pencil cases so that you don’t lose them?
    Is it hot in Fiji? It’s cold in Berwick. What season is it in Fiji? It’s winter over here. What do you do in kids club? We are having fun at school.

    From Joshua

  5. Hi Emelia
    The frog racing sounds quite weird and funny. Do they train the frogs? Do they race in cars or on scooters? Do the frogs get dressed up in special clothes like jockeys do? How many frogs are in each race? Can you send us a photo of the frog races please? We miss you and are looking forward to your next story.

    Keep us posted.
    Kind regards

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