Adidas school Fun Run

Yesterday at 12.00 midday we went to the Fun Run to fund-raise money for the school. We raced each other as we ran. I decided to team with Lizzy. As I got tired Lizzy dragged me along. We got a drink at the 2nd lap.Lizzy and I ran as fast as our legs could take us. Through Collins Cresent we ran. Lizzy soon got tired. We had a 5 second stop.”Three laps done 2 to go!” we said to ourselves. As fast as lightning we ran to finish our 4th lap.”My leg is aching!” I shouted as I ran trying to keep up with Lizzy. We made a 90 degree turn around each corner. WOOSH!” Nearly there!””Yes! We did it ” I shouted happily. “And we came 10th too!” Lizzy and I lay on the ground. We were trying to sleep. Zzzz! Soon we were woken up so we could eat a spectacular sausage sizzle. I put lots of tomato sauce. I sat next to Lizzy and enjoy and enjoyed my SPECTACULAR lunch. Yummy! At the end of the day I was exhausted but it was PHENOMENAL!!!!

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