7 thoughts on “Our Aquarium Excursion

  1. I like all the diffrent pichurers that evryone put on. You were all very creativ.

  2. Hi Josh I like the way you put so much effort into your work.
    I also like the detail that you put into your work.
    Also it looks so so awesome.

  3. I liked Aaron’s one. It was well presented and nice work. I liked the penguins too, they were very cute. I am looking forward to watching Happy Feet today.
    I think you should work on your editing.
    Emelia’s one was another one I liked. It was also well presented but I think she should make her writing more interesting.
    Everyone’s was terrific!

    • Thanks Kyra I liked yours. I agree that Emelia’s is great and Happy Feet rules 😀

  4. I loved Josh’s one it had lot’s of deatail,good writing and was fantastic. I also loved Joshua’s too.

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