10 thoughts on “2FS Visit the Melbourne Aquarium

  1. I had a lovely day at the Aquarium on Thursday and I love the effort you put in to making the photos look fabulous.

  2. I had the most fantastic day at the Aquarium. We went on Thursday the 20th November.

  3. A few weeks a go, we went to the Aquarium.We saw fish,sting rays,a BIG fish called Mr G. Did you like it? I did.

  4. 2FS and 1S went to the aquarium. Our tour guide’s name was Justin. 1S’s tour guide was a lady I think. First we went to a cafeteria and Justin told us some rules. No tapping on the glass.2. follow the class.3. Have fun. We saw a crocodile, its name was Pinjara. Pinjara was 500 kg and also five meters long but not the largest crocodile, the largest crocodile is ten meters long. The cutest animal was a penguin. There were baby penguins, adult penguins and maybe young penguins. There were King penguins were the second tallest penguin in the world and the Gentoo penguin was the fastest swimming penguin although one of them pooped it was yellow. At the end we saw an Elictic eel and a lion fish we also saw sting rays, fish, sharks and stuff in the a giant tank. We saw the last Grey Nurse Shark and a big fish named Mr.G. He was a giant fish his first meal were two sharks. It was awesome. By Josh

  5. The Aquarium was really fun I think that Justin was a great tour guide. I think we had a great attitude and persistence.

  6. The day at the Aquarium was great I liked the sharks the most because I’ve never seen one in my life but only on TV.

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