I woke up and I saw nothing  but I heard a whimper. I could not find it but I heard  it again. I was not allowedd to open my presents so I just went back to bed. Then I heard it again. It was a pup and it was under my bed.

I yelled to Mum and Dad “I got a puppy dog”.  Mum and Dad was tired but I  got them out  of bed anyway. The puppy was 3 months old.  He is black with yellow spots and his name is  Sparky.

 Mum and Dad  gave me some Lego too but I didn’t play with that because I went for a walk with Sparky. When I got home Mum and Dad were not there and I could not find them. All was left was Mum in a photo. I said  to my self I must find them. I spent years and months trying to find them.

Finally I found them and they died in my hands. I pulled myself  together  and  I knew what  to do. I had to go find Santa. He might be able  to give Mum and Dad another chance to stay alive. He is very old and very wise. He gave me a chance and within a second Mum and Dad were alive and staying alive  and we lived  happily ever after.







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