Fun Run From Kaity 2FS

On Wednesday 17th of September we went to the school Fun Run. Eventhough it was tiring I stil ran. We ran 200 meters or  more. It was ridiculousliy long. I raised $10 and I want a hand ball. It is for $10 and that’s good. It was a lovely day.




The preps,1s and 2s all went swimming and it was swimming we had 3 sessions in the first 2 weeks 0f term.When we got there I was excited and we did swimming at Halibury.We learnt duck diving, torpedoes,free style and much more. Today was our last day for swimming.I couldn`t do it because I forgot my swimming stuf.                                                                          THE END


Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 3.03.37 PM

On the 24th of February Kyra and I went to Robogals in the Ber building. Kyra and I had to program the robots on a computer. Kyra and I had to make the robot go around in a square and it was really hard. The last time we tried it worked.Kyra and I made a crocodile robot out of Lego. I had lots of fun at Robogals with Kyra.I really liked programing the  robots and making a crocodile robot out of Lego with Kyra.