I woke up and I saw nothing  but I heard a whimper. I could not find it but I heard  it again. I was not allowedd to open my presents so I just went back to bed. Then I heard it again. It was a pup and it was under my bed.

I yelled to Mum and Dad “I got a puppy dog”.  Mum and Dad was tired but I  got them out  of bed anyway. The puppy was 3 months old.  He is black with yellow spots and his name is  Sparky.

 Mum and Dad  gave me some Lego too but I didn’t play with that because I went for a walk with Sparky. When I got home Mum and Dad were not there and I could not find them. All was left was Mum in a photo. I said  to my self I must find them. I spent years and months trying to find them.

Finally I found them and they died in my hands. I pulled myself  together  and  I knew what  to do. I had to go find Santa. He might be able  to give Mum and Dad another chance to stay alive. He is very old and very wise. He gave me a chance and within a second Mum and Dad were alive and staying alive  and we lived  happily ever after.








On Wednesday  the  17th of September the school we ran  1500 metres. Luke and Aaron came 1st but I came 2nd or 3rd. After, we waited and waited and waited until. Everyone finished. Then we got a sausage, and  we  ate it, with sauce  or not. Then we played  on the play ground and my  sister and Mum were coaching  me.

The  End By Max

Professor Maths Visit

Rad, Seb, Teyha and Chelsi
Max, Elise, Elizabeth and Emelia

Max, Elise, Elizabeth and Emelia

On Monday the 1st of September. We went to Professor Math in the gym. He was really, really, really, really, really funny and he was a good juggler too. It was not a show because there was no one to help him. We  played  lots of games called Magnet Spider game, Cube Stack,  Marble Race, Flick the Marble, Penguins, and Hit the Target. Some of  them had a Super Challenge and they get a red cap and  a yellow vest. And the most important rule of all was the too “stay”.  My  group was Bella, Lizzy and Emelia.

By Max