Yesterday we went to the fun-run. We had to 5 laps around the school. I was walking with Kyra then she left so I walked with Kaity. Once I had finished I was so puffed. When we were all done we got sausages. I put lots of sauce on. The sauceges were delicshes. We had pieces of paper that had ticks and when we had 5 ticks we got our sausages. I sat with my friends to eat. The whole day was really fun. I was exhausted when I got home.

Fiji part 3

Hi 2FS today we went to a school. We donated some things. We donated pencils, textas, books and highlighters. We got lots of high fives. They all sang to us. We donated some money. It was lots of fun. Then we had a little swim back at the resort. Then we went to kids club and made shell necklaces and boats. It was awesome. Later we watched frog racing. We are having a great time!

Fiji part 2

Bula 2FS today we had kids club at 9:00am-12pm. It was lots of fun. We played a game when you can’t laugh. Later we had lunch. I had spaghetti Bolognese. After lunch we went in the pool. I found a coconut. Then we went to the kids club place to do fire lighting. That’s when you hold a stick that has fire on the end and say bula. It was fun.

Fiji part one


At the airport we had to go through four queues. One of the queues had an x-ray machine at the end. After we saw our cousins Chelsea, Caitlin, Zoe and Asa. We played on our ipods and iphones until the plane was ready to take off. Once we were in the plane we had to wait for half an hour until the plane took off. Hayley and I were told to go to sleep but we couldn’t. Later, on the plane I fell asleep. Then we arrived in Fiji. It was 6:00am. Fiji time is two hours ahead of Australia. It was nice and warm.

The Story of Chantel by Emelia

Narrative Reflection

What is the problem in your narrative?  Chanetel got turned into a animal.
What solution did you think of?  The witch turned Chantel back.
What is another solution for your problem?  The witch siad ” no” and tried to turn the prince into an animal too but her wand backfired.


On the Holidays

On the holidays I moved house. I moved to Avenslea. It takes half an hour to get to school. It has a pool and a huge back yard. I love the house.

It’s Raining

I see a rainbow and hailstones.

I hear banging and howling wind.

I smell damp, yucky things.

I am creeped out and freaked out.

I say I want the rain to stop.

I’m frightend.

The Camp Quality Puppet Show by Emelia

20140314102317p>Yesterday we went to the Camp Quality puppet show. The puppet’s names were Kylie and Dean. It was very funny. Kylie had cancer and had to have a medicine called chemotherapy. It made her tummy go round and round like a washing machine and it made all her hair fall out. We learnt that you can’t catch cancer.

On the Holidays by Emelia


When I went to Tony and Emma’s house,  Hayley and I got to swim in their pool. It was the holidays. Seowl was there as well. We watched  Robots. It was funny. We had home made pizza for dinner. We went to my Granny’s house. On the first night went to a fair. There was a ride that spun around and went up and down.