Adidas Fun Run

On the 17th of September we did the Adidas Fun Run. We had to do 5 laps. When it started I only jogged then I ran. For the first lap I went with Brody and the other laps with Kingston. Kingston and I had a stitch. We sang the song Jason (from the Footy Clinic) taught us. After that we just had to run to our parent and we will be  finished 5 laps and the Fun Run.  I came 6th but after all it is a Fun Run not a race. At the end we had a sausage on bread and our icey poles  came on Thursday. Our prizes will come in a couple of weeks. It was awesome.

By Josh.

The Magic Wizard by Josh

Narrative Reflection

What is the problem in your narrative?  The monster turned into an animal.
What solution did you think of?  The wizard said the magic words and the monter turned back to normal.
What is another solution for your problem? The alien turned into the animal.


It’s raining



It’s raining outside, I can see black clouds.

I can hear thunder, and hail stones rattling.

I smell damp air and eucalyptus trees.

I am scared and staying dry

I say a storm is coming, look at the lightning.