I Woke Up Christmas Morning

I woke up Christmas morning and heard a whimper coming from the living room. I started down the stairs and went into the living room. I still heard the whimper so I went into the kitchen and I saw an elf. He said that people should not look at elves, Santa or reindeers. So I closed my eyes for one second and he was gone in a blink of a eye. I called out ” little elf” and he came back in a puff of smoke. Maybe just once you can see something magical. But Santa was watching every little elf and he saw the littlest elf. He called up everybody in the North Pole and everyone got on the sleigh. They came out of the sleigh . “I was just being friends  with him.” Santa smiled with relief. OK little boy you have to go back to bed. I said bye to everyone and went back to sleep.

Miss Luke’s Grade

At Miss Luke20140731145626‘s grade we listened to a story called the enormous crocodile. Those were the people who didn’t go swimming. We also made him. We made masks yesterday and today. Today we made character masks. My mask was Jake the never landing pirate. I put red around my mouth, I put teeth, red cheeks, black around my eyes and put a eye patch. We read on the floor. Then it was fruit time. We did spelling twice. I was in group six.

A Long Time Ago by Joshua

Narrative Reflection

What is the problem in your narrative?  They got lost.
What solution did you think of?  They wished to come back.
What is another solution for your problem?  They found a bottle.


It’s Raining

I see a rainbow when it’s raining and a bit of sun and I see puddles when it’s raining.

I hear thunder and banging.20140319143624

I can smell yucky damp air.

I get scared and nervous.

I say that I don’t like thunderstorms ever.

Chinese New Year


We went to a celebration for Chinese New Year at the basketball court. We had to wear Chinese clothes or red and yellow. We walked around the court. Some kids wanted a high five and our buddy grade walked with us too. We saw a Chinese dragon and lion. My little sister and my brother had a picture.

Camp Quality Puppet Show by Joshua


Yesterday we went to Camp Quality Puppet Show at the gym. Their name’s were Kylie and Dean. Kylie had chemotheraphy. Her tummy was like a washing machine, her legs were like jelly and the worst part of all her hair fell out. Dean was so mean because he made fun of her and Kylie made fun of him. It was so funny.