Fun Run From Kaity 2FS

On Wednesday 17th of September we went to the school Fun Run. Eventhough it was tiring I stil ran. We ran 200 meters or  more. It was ridiculousliy long. I raised $10 and I want a hand ball. It is for $10 and that’s good. It was a lovely day.




The preps,1s and 2s all went swimming and it was swimming we had 3 sessions in the first 2 weeks 0f term.When we got there I was excited and we did swimming at Halibury.We learnt duck diving, torpedoes,free style and much more. Today was our last day for swimming.I couldn`t do it because I forgot my swimming stuf.                                                                          THE END

Letter From Canada – Part 1

Hi Grade 2s at Berwick Lodge Primary School!

We are learning about communities around the world and we really love learning about
Australia. We have some questions for your class and we want to tell you a little bit about
our community too!

We looked at your blog and we saw the video of what you think you will be doing in
fifteen years – we loved it! Some of us want to be professional sport players, too. We play
hockey, baseball, basketball and soccer here. Do you like those sports? Do you wear
uniforms at school? We also saw a picture where you each have an abacus. We use those
too!! In math right now we are learning how to do two-digit addition with regrouping.

We live in Delhi, Ontario, Canada. The population of our town is 4,172. What town do
you live in? What is your town’s population?

We go to Delhi Public School. There are 412 students at our school. We are a Grade
1/2 class with 11 Grade 1s and 7 Grade 2s. It is the Grade 2s that are emailing you right
now!  The Grade 1s helped us with ideas, though.

Answers by Kaity, Abdul, Tehya and Luke

We live in Berwick, Victoria, Australia. (by Kaity)

The population of Berwick is 44, 779. (by Luke)

.We go to Berwick Lodge Primary School. (by Tehya)

In our school there are 550 students. (by Abdul)


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On the 24th of February Kyra and I went to Robogals in the Ber building. Kyra and I had to program the robots on a computer. Kyra and I had to make the robot go around in a square and it was really hard. The last time we tried it worked.Kyra and I made a crocodile robot out of Lego. I had lots of fun at Robogals with Kyra.I really liked programing the  robots and making a crocodile robot out of Lego with Kyra.