Letter from Students in Delhi, Ontario, Canada

We have been lucky enough to receive a letter from a grade 1/2 class of students in Delhi, Ontario Canada. They have asked us all sorts of questions about Australia and Berwick. In the following posts you will see the questions from Delhi and the answers from our students (coming soon). Click on the thumbnails below to get a closer look at Delhi.

We have divided the questions into 5 posts and 2FS students are busy researching and writing their answers.


Grade 2FS have been writing Octopoems as you can see below. Octopoems have 8 lines and each line describes the topic as another thing.

 Line one is a colour

Line two is a season

Line three is a place

Line four is weather

Line five is an item of clothing

Line six is a piece of furniture

Line seven is a TV show

Line eight is a type of food

This site helps you automatically create an Octopoem by typing in the boxes. Why not write a poem and copy it into the comments section of this post so that we can read your work. If you are a member of this blog then copy it into a new post.