Professor Maths


Bella, Luke, Abdul and Alex

Bella, Luke, Abdul and Alex

On  Monday we went to go see Professor Maths. Professor Maths can juggle with 4 bean bags. He talked through all of the games so we knew what to do. The games are spider game, shadow activity building, hit the target, mirror building, penguins and cube stack.

School Fun Run.

On the 17th of September we had a fun run. It was awesome. It was grade one and two. You go from the gate, around the bend, down into the gate and to the basketball-court and stop but now…FUN RUN TIME! Then we start. I caught up with Tyler, Brody and Rad. I had fun.We ate sizzle sausages. It was fantastic.


Yesterday the class and me went to the school fun run. I ran five laps. I was running first and then I was walking. We also got bread on a sausage.  A whole lot of people ran there. It was tough run and it was a fun run. BY BAILEY!


On the 17 of september we went to the fun run at 12.00. We also ran 5 laps and IT TOOK AGES!!!!

BEFORE all   of  that we danced to LETS GET RIDICULOUS IT WAS spectacular!!!!!when we finished the 5 laps we had a hot dog. the end SEYA LATER


Professor Maths

Rad, Seb, Teyha and Chelsi

Rad, Seb, Tehya and Chelsi

On Monday we went to Professor Maths. We  played lots of games like the spider game with a magnet. My favourite game was hit the target. We went with 2c. We were also in groups. I was in group 1  with Alex, Rad and Chelsi. Professor Maths was really funny. He juggled and one fell on the roof. After a while it was time to come back to the class. I thought it was a fantastic day with 2c and with my groups and of course with my class.

Adidas Fun Run

On the 17th of September we did the Adidas Fun Run. We had to do 5 laps. When it started I only jogged then I ran. For the first lap I went with Brody and the other laps with Kingston. Kingston and I had a stitch. We sang the song Jason (from the Footy Clinic) taught us. After that we just had to run to our parent and we will be  finished 5 laps and the Fun Run.  I came 6th but after all it is a Fun Run not a race. At the end we had a sausage on bread and our icey poles  came on Thursday. Our prizes will come in a couple of weeks. It was awesome.

By Josh.


Yesterday we went to the fun-run. We had to 5 laps around the school. I was walking with Kyra then she left so I walked with Kaity. Once I had finished I was so puffed. When we were all done we got sausages. I put lots of sauce on. The sauceges were delicshes. We had pieces of paper that had ticks and when we had 5 ticks we got our sausages. I sat with my friends to eat. The whole day was really fun. I was exhausted when I got home.