Professor Maths

Rad, Seb, Teyha and Chelsi

Rad, Seb, Tehya and Chelsi

On Monday we went to Professor Maths. We  played lots of games like the spider game with a magnet. My favourite game was hit the target. We went with 2c. We were also in groups. I was in group 1  with Alex, Rad and Chelsi. Professor Maths was really funny. He juggled and one fell on the roof. After a while it was time to come back to the class. I thought it was a fantastic day with 2c and with my groups and of course with my class.

Letter From Canada – Part 1

Hi Grade 2s at Berwick Lodge Primary School!

We are learning about communities around the world and we really love learning about
Australia. We have some questions for your class and we want to tell you a little bit about
our community too!

We looked at your blog and we saw the video of what you think you will be doing in
fifteen years – we loved it! Some of us want to be professional sport players, too. We play
hockey, baseball, basketball and soccer here. Do you like those sports? Do you wear
uniforms at school? We also saw a picture where you each have an abacus. We use those
too!! In math right now we are learning how to do two-digit addition with regrouping.

We live in Delhi, Ontario, Canada. The population of our town is 4,172. What town do
you live in? What is your town’s population?

We go to Delhi Public School. There are 412 students at our school. We are a Grade
1/2 class with 11 Grade 1s and 7 Grade 2s. It is the Grade 2s that are emailing you right
now!  The Grade 1s helped us with ideas, though.

Answers by Kaity, Abdul, Tehya and Luke

We live in Berwick, Victoria, Australia. (by Kaity)

The population of Berwick is 44, 779. (by Luke)

.We go to Berwick Lodge Primary School. (by Tehya)

In our school there are 550 students. (by Abdul)