On the 17 of september we went to the fun run at 12.00. We also ran 5 laps and IT TOOK AGES!!!!

BEFORE all   of  that we danced to LETS GET RIDICULOUS IT WAS spectacular!!!!!when we finished the 5 laps we had a hot dog. the end SEYA LATER


Adidas Fun Run

On the 17th of September we did the Adidas Fun Run. We had to do 5 laps. When it started I only jogged then I ran. For the first lap I went with Brody and the other laps with Kingston. Kingston and I had a stitch. We sang the song Jason (from the Footy Clinic) taught us. After that we just had to run to our parent and we will be  finished 5 laps and the Fun Run.  I came 6th but after all it is a Fun Run not a race. At the end we had a sausage on bread and our icey poles  came on Thursday. Our prizes will come in a couple of weeks. It was awesome.

By Josh.

Adidas school Fun Run

Yesterday at 12.00 midday we went to the Fun Run to fund-raise money for the school. We raced each other as we ran. I decided to team with Lizzy. As I got tired Lizzy dragged me along. We got a drink at the 2nd lap.Lizzy and I ran as fast as our legs could take us. Through Collins Cresent we ran. Lizzy soon got tired. We had a 5 second stop.”Three laps done 2 to go!” we said to ourselves. As fast as lightning we ran to finish our 4th lap.”My leg is aching!” I shouted as I ran trying to keep up with Lizzy. We made a 90 degree turn around each corner. WOOSH!” Nearly there!””Yes! We did it ” I shouted happily. “And we came 10th too!” Lizzy and I lay on the ground. We were trying to sleep. Zzzz! Soon we were woken up so we could eat a spectacular sausage sizzle. I put lots of tomato sauce. I sat next to Lizzy and enjoy and enjoyed my SPECTACULAR lunch. Yummy! At the end of the day I was exhausted but it was PHENOMENAL!!!!


Berwick Lodge P.S. went swimming for six sessions over 2 weeks. I was in purple group. The school where the pool was is very big. There is a P.S. and a kindergarten. I was with Leah, Justin, Judd, Jacob and Aaron. I did freestyle and backstroke. On the last day we went in the deep pool and I did a front flip in the deep pool. I love swimming so much. It is the best.20140725100555

London part 2

The next day we went to STONE HENGE. We went to a diffrrent hotel to get a bus to STONE HENGE. It took us 2 hours and 30 minutes. When we got there we got a audio that told us about the secrets and historical items in the circle of STONE HENGE. WE went on another mini bus to see the actual STONE HENGE. I saw some Poppys and the STONE HENGE! The audio told us to press some numbers for more historical information, like 100,2,3,31,32,33,4,41,42,43 and 5. We climbed on the bus to get fish and chips for a late lunch and a early dinner .

In the morning we had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel. Then we got a taxi to the airport called the BRITISH AIRWAYS. When we went into security. My brother ,Kyle had to take his shoes off. When we boarded the plane we looked at the rows carefully to see which row we were sitting at. I ate a ham and turkey wrap on the plane and I drank some apple juice too! It was a 2 hour flight to MUNICH. We are then going to DOHA then  SYDNEY then back to MELBOURNE ! I MISS YOU GUYS ! Please let me know what you are doing! From your buddy Kyra!


Paris part 2

The next day I went with my family so we could get breakfast . I ate muffins and a piece of bread . We went shopping for groceries and food suplies like water. As usual we got cup noodles for my mother . I ate lunch at Macdonalds. I ate ‘Fillet O Fish’. Then we walked back to the apartment to sleep so we could wake up at night time to see Paris at night. Zz Zz. We  went to the Ilfle tower. It was beautiful! We went to see  other statues and fountains . This is how it  looked like …….


The next day we went to DISNEY LAND! We started to walk to the bus station . We were very puzzled that there was no bus sign but we still stayed there. We were very lucky that we were at the bus stop. We climbed up the bus and sat on a seat . I then slept for a few minutes. Zz Zz. I suddenly woke up and realized we reached DISNEYLAND! We went on the DISNEY RAILROAD to USA!(not really!) Then we waited at the entrance to see MISS RAP ! Then we headed to the scary rollercoaster in the HAUNTED HOUSE! There was a green face in a upside down jar. It could talk! In a strange, creepy voice. There was a robotic wolf jumping out at us. I saw four more people’s heads in glasses. It was very dark and scary.

We went to meet Mickey Mouse before lunch. We watched mickey mouse cartoon while we waited in line. When it was our turn, we hugged him and took a photo. He was very nice and cuddly. wr had fish and chips for lunch. After that we went for Mr. Mad Hatter’s tea cup ride. It was fun!

After that we went to Discovery land. we went on the Star Tour. It was a Star Wars ride. We went off to space! It was very cool!

The best part at Disneyland was the star tour and the roller coaster rides. I was very lucky to get a present from Miss Rap. It was a Frozen toy – Elsa! I love it! Thank you Miss Rap!


Paris part 1

zZ zZ YAWN! YAWN!I woke up and found myself sleeping on the bus. I watched THE CROODS and RISE OF THE GUARDIANS! Then I had breakfast at a restaurant called PAUL. I ate a chocolate muffin it was delicious ! We went on the bus again and continued the journey to Paris.

When we reached Paris we caught a taxi to our apartment at the bus station. We reached the apartment and had a big rest . I wasn’t tired so I did some blogging yesterday . The next day we went to the shops . It was huge but the toilets are tiny! My family went to a bus called the Big Bus. It had some earphones connected to a sound system in every row. You listen to a man recording and the man talks about the history of Paris . I liked it ! Then we went to have lunch at Asian food. I haven’t had Asian food in a week! Seriously a Singaporean eating Paris food? Then we finally went back to the apartment. We are eating  ice cream now and watching TRON because TRON is the only English movie. I ‘ll see you in a few weeks! I hope you are having lots of fun ! Ms Smethurst can the class comment on my posts? I haven’t heard from them! I miss you guys!

FLL Competition part 1 -Spain

Dear 2FS! The competition of the FLL started on Wednesday. We started  putting up balloons , badges and pictures up.On Thursday they gave out the badges to people. Then they went to the practice boards.Every thing went perfect except Zoe’s part. The correct building did not get knocked over how ever the wrong building got knocked over. We played 2 games of robotics with Greece team ROBOT MASTERS! we won 1game and Greece won the other. The team ate lunch together. Then it was time for the OPENING CEREMONY! The guests watched the TV screen to watch the Ceremony while the teams were outside marching loudly and honking their horns like elephants . Then it was time for the WELCOME PARTY. Unfortunatly I wasn’t there so my brother told me the things he did he said that he danced with rest of the robotics team. He ate chips and junk food a and all sorts of food. I hope you like my post! Bye bye! Your class mate Kyra!

The Magic Wizard by Josh

Narrative Reflection

What is the problem in your narrative?  The monster turned into an animal.
What solution did you think of?  The wizard said the magic words and the monter turned back to normal.
What is another solution for your problem? The alien turned into the animal.