Letter from Students in Delhi, Ontario, Canada

We have been lucky enough to receive a letter from a grade 1/2 class of students in Delhi, Ontario Canada. They have asked us all sorts of questions about Australia and Berwick. In the following posts you will see the questions from Delhi and the answers from our students (coming soon). Click on the thumbnails below to get a closer look at Delhi.

We have divided the questions into 5 posts and 2FS students are busy researching and writing their answers.

Letter From Canada – Part 1

Hi Grade 2s at Berwick Lodge Primary School!

We are learning about communities around the world and we really love learning about
Australia. We have some questions for your class and we want to tell you a little bit about
our community too!

We looked at your blog and we saw the video of what you think you will be doing in
fifteen years – we loved it! Some of us want to be professional sport players, too. We play
hockey, baseball, basketball and soccer here. Do you like those sports? Do you wear
uniforms at school? We also saw a picture where you each have an abacus. We use those
too!! In math right now we are learning how to do two-digit addition with regrouping.

We live in Delhi, Ontario, Canada. The population of our town is 4,172. What town do
you live in? What is your town’s population?

We go to Delhi Public School. There are 412 students at our school. We are a Grade
1/2 class with 11 Grade 1s and 7 Grade 2s. It is the Grade 2s that are emailing you right
now!  The Grade 1s helped us with ideas, though.

Answers by Kaity, Abdul, Tehya and Luke

We live in Berwick, Victoria, Australia. (by Kaity)

The population of Berwick is 44, 779. (by Luke)

.We go to Berwick Lodge Primary School. (by Tehya)

In our school there are 550 students. (by Abdul)

Letter from Canada – Part 2

We get to school in lots of different ways. Some of us ride our bikes, some walk,
some get dropped off by cars, some take school buses, and some of us even take taxis and
scooters! How do you get to school?
It is the same for us. We get to school by buses

What are your favourite foods? Our favourites are hot chocolate, chips, spaghetti,
sandwiches, Kraft Dinner, fruit and poutines.
We start school at 8:45 and end at 3:05 and go to school Monday to Friday, from
September to June, and then it is summer holidays. During the day we have two breaks
where we eat and then go outside for recess. We have students from Kindergarten to
Grade 8 here. We have a gymnasium with a big stage. We learn language, math, drama,
music, art, computers, social studies, science, and when we are in Grade 4 we start learning
French. We also get to take out library books. We have a big library and lots of computers
and iPads. Everyone sings Oh Canada in the morning. That’s our national anthem. What
does your flag look like? Do you sing an anthem too? What subjects do you learn in school?
Do you have Grade 1s and Kindergarten at your school? We have a Smartboard and we
LOVE getting to use it. Do you have one, too?

Hi Delhi Public School

This is what our class’s favourite sport is: soccer, aussie rules football, cricket, netball, gymnastics and two square. (by Chantel)

We start school at 9:00 am and finish at 3:30. We go to school from Monday to Friday. The beginning of our school year is at the end of January and the end of the year is just before Christmas. (by Chad)

During the day we have to breaks where we eat and then go outside for recess. We have students from Prep (age 5 to grade 6 (age 12). (by Matilda)

One of our favourite things at school is playing outside and my favourite one is football, markers-up and soccer. Chad likes cricket and Elise likes playing on the monkey bars. (by Jacob)


Bailey, Chad, Chantel and Jacob

Letter from Canada Part 3- Seasons

This is an autumn photo of our school while we were having a cricket clinic. The weather was beautiful.

This is an autumn photo of our school while we were having a cricket clinic. The weather was beautiful.

We love the four seasons and they feel very different! Our winter starts in December, and it is COLD! This winter it was -40 degrees Celsius a lot! When it is that cold out, we have to stay inside for recess because we can get frostbite. When you breathe in
and out, you can see your breath in the air because it is so cold! In the winter we like to
build snowmen (and women!) and make snow angels and drink hot chocolate. Sometimes we
even have snow days where we don’t go to school because no one can get out of their
driveways! What is your winter like? We have Christmas during our winter – is your
Christmas in your summer? This winter we went to the Royal Botanical Gardens to learn
about animals that hibernate in the winter! We are sending you a picture of it! Have you
ever had snow?

Our winter starts in June. It gets cold but there is no snow. Sometimes it is sunny and sometimes it rains. We don’t have any snow days but we have wet-day timetables when we have to stay inside at lunch time and recess because it is too wet and muddy outside. (by Max)

In Spring, our flowers start to grow and our birds come back (they migrate south for
the cold winter months). As soon as we see tulips bloom, we know Spring is on its way! We
get a lot of rain in Spring too! We plant our flowers and go to the park to play because even
though it is only about 10 degrees Celsius, it feels really warm because the winter has been
so cold! We run around and play at recess and enjoy the sun! It is officially Spring now, and
tomorrow we have “Jump Rope for Heart” so we have been practicing our skipping. Do you
do Jump Rope for Heart too?

We know when it is Spring because the Sky is clear and the flowers start to come out. It feels hot because winter has just been. We haven’t done Jump Rope for Heart at our school but we do have the same program in Australia. (by Kingston)

In Summer, we don’t have school! We have popsicles and freezies and ice cream. It is
hot and humid here. It’s usually about 30 degrees Celsius and then with humidity it feels a
lot hotter! The trees are in full bloom and our grass finally looks green and healthy. Some
of us get to go to cottages on the lake. What is your summer like? Does it get really hot?
What do you do to cool off?

Our summer months are December to February. In summer we have hot days when it gets up to 40 degrees Celsius. We eat popsticks and have cold drinks. We love to swim in summer in pools or at the beach. (by Aaron)

In Fall, the leaves change colour and then they all fall off. We rake them in piles and
jump in them for fun! It starts to get colder. What is your Fall like? We also like Fall
because of Halloween! Here is a picture from our Delhi newspaper of a tractor on a field in
Fall! (There are lots of farms in Delhi!)

It is autumn time right now in Berwick, Australia. It is sometimes quite hot and sometimes cold. When it is breakfast time in the afternoon it is warm. Our leaves change colour and we get windy days that blow them everywhere. (by Elizabeth)

Brody, Aaron, Max, Elizabeth and Kingston

Letter from Canada Part 4 – Animals

Emelia, Rad, Tyler, Elise and Chelsi

We have lots of wild animals. We see lots of raccoons and squirrels and chipmunks. We also have deer and we watch for warning signs that they might be around because we don’t want anyone to hit them with a car! There are some wild bears too but we don’t see them very often in southern Ontario. Here is a picture of a raccoon. They are nocturnal, so if you see them in the daytime that probably means there is something wrong with them!
What kind of animals do you have? Do you see kangaroos in the wild?

We often see kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and wombats in the wild. In some areas we have to very careful while driving because they jump out onto the road in front of the cars.

In Australia we have kangaroos, koalas, wombats, cockatoos, platypus, emus, turtles, lizards and echidnas. Our birds are kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets, magpies, budgies, fire-tail finches and lyre birds. (by Elise and Chelsi)

We don’t have any poisonous snakes or spiders. But one of us heard that there are some in
Australia! Is that true?

Yes it is true. We have tiger snakes, red-bellied black snakes and brown snakes in Victoria. We are always careful in the summer months in the long grass so that we don’t step on one. We don’t see them very often. (Tyler)

We have poisonous spiders like the Red-back spider, Funnel Web spider, White-tail spider, and Black Widow spider. (by Emelia)


Letter from Canada Part 5 – Questions

Kyra, Alex, Josh, Bella, Joshua,

Here are some more questions we have for you:
1. What are your names? (Ours are Adele, Joshua, Neely, Mason, Alexis, Lexie, Gracie
and Miss Sabourin)
2. What was the hottest day there and how hot was it?

The hottest day in Berwick was 42 degrees Celsius (by Alex)
3. What was the coldest day and how cold was it?
We are not sure of the temperature of the coldest day but our temperatures rarely get below zero. Some mornings we will have a frost and the temperatures will drop to -4 but that is very cold for us.

4. What kind of trees do you have?

The trees that we have are Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Callitris, Mangroves and lots of others. Acacia trees are yellow wattle trees and the color of our sports uniforms for the Olympics

5. What kind of flowers do you have there?

Our flowers includes violets, roses, daisy, tulips poppies and daffodils. (by Kyra)
6. What kind of equipment do you have on your playground? (We have a big climber – we
will show you a picture of it! We call it the Spider Web and play tag on it at recess!)

In our playground we have monkey bars, slides, poles, stairs, ladders, a balancing thingy and climbing things. We have 4 playgrounds , one for the Preps, one for grade 1 and 2, one for grade 3 and 4 and one for grade 5 and 6. And we have 2 big ovals and 2 basketball courts. (by Joshua)
7. What games do you like to play?

We like to play crocodile, minecraft, forty forty, and 2 Square (by Josh)
8. What sports do you play?

Our favorite sports are soccer and aussie rules football . (by Josh)

9. What special holidays do you celebrate?

The holidays we celebrate are Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, Anzac Day and sometimes Halloween. (by Bella)

Do you have any questions for us? Our teacher told us you were learning about
transportation. Do you have any questions for us about gransportation in Delhi or our
nearby cities?
We can’t WAIT to hear from you! We even made a class chart to record some of the new
information we will learn!

Your e-pals from the other side of the world,

The Grade 1/2 class at Delhi Public School