It’s raining



It’s raining outside, I can see black clouds.

I can hear thunder, and hail stones rattling.

I smell damp air and eucalyptus trees.

I am scared and staying dry

I say a storm is coming, look at the lightning.

It’s Raining

I see a rainbow and hailstones.

I hear banging and howling wind.

I smell damp, yucky things.

I am creeped out and freaked out.

I say I want the rain to stop.

I’m frightend.

It’s Raining

I see a rainbow when it’s raining and a bit of sun and I see puddles when it’s raining.

I hear thunder and banging.20140319143624

I can smell yucky damp air.

I get scared and nervous.

I say that I don’t like thunderstorms ever.


Grade 2FS have been writing Octopoems as you can see below. Octopoems have 8 lines and each line describes the topic as another thing.

 Line one is a colour

Line two is a season

Line three is a place

Line four is weather

Line five is an item of clothing

Line six is a piece of furniture

Line seven is a TV show

Line eight is a type of food

This site helps you automatically create an Octopoem by typing in the boxes. Why not write a poem and copy it into the comments section of this post so that we can read your work. If you are a member of this blog then copy it into a new post.

Witches Octo-poem

20140314095628A witch is green and black

She is the winter time in a horror house in disguise as a candy house

She is the thunder, cloudy and lightning.

She wears a black coat .

She is a skinny broom and a skinny pot.

She is on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

A skinny beef sausage.

drogon octapoim


1 A dragon is black and red

2 It is the winter time

3 Living in a castle

4 It is windy

5 A dragon has scales

6 A dragon is a table

7 Riders of burk

8 A hot chilli