On Wednesday 17th of September 2014 we had a Fun Run  to raise money  for the concrete . We had  to  run 5 laps arouned the school  .  It was very tiring  I ran with Kyra and Brianna . It took a long time to run around the school 5 times. After I did 4 laps Kyra and I were really tired but we kept going . When we got to the end we felt SPECTACULAR.


Berwick Lodge P.S. went swimming for six sessions over 2 weeks. I was in purple group. The school where the pool was is very big. There is a P.S. and a kindergarten. I was with Leah, Justin, Judd, Jacob and Aaron. I did freestyle and backstroke. On the last day we went in the deep pool and I did a front flip in the deep pool. I love swimming so much. It is the best.20140725100555


On Wednesday last week we went to swimming.We had to go on the bus to get to swimming.The girls and I had to get undressed in the girls change rooms. I was in green group. On the other swimming lessons I was in  blue group. I learnt to  dive, doggy paddle, torpedo, do bubbles and  jump onto the noodle.We practised counting our toes while blowing bubbles. My friends were there too. We jumped off the diving boards. I jumped into the noodle and swam  to the edge of the pool. I felt extremely excited!


The End:)



The preps,1s and 2s all went swimming and it was swimming we had 3 sessions in the first 2 weeks 0f term.When we got there I was excited and we did swimming at Halibury.We learnt duck diving, torpedoes,free style and much more. Today was our last day for swimming.I couldn`t do it because I forgot my swimming stuf.                                                                          THE END


Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 3.03.37 PM

On the 24th of February Kyra and I went to Robogals in the Ber building. Kyra and I had to program the robots on a computer. Kyra and I had to make the robot go around in a square and it was really hard. The last time we tried it worked.Kyra and I made a crocodile robot out of Lego. I had lots of fun at Robogals with Kyra.I really liked programing the  robots and making a crocodile robot out of Lego with Kyra.

Skype with Tipperary Station School

Optional Homework

Use the Venn Diagram and pictures to write sentences comparing the 2 places. Write about the similarities and differences between Berwick Lodge Primary School and Tipperary Station School. Put your comparisons in the comments box.

Venn diagram with our similarities and differences.

Venn diagram with our similarities and differences.

Tipperary Station and surrounding land

Tipperary Station and surrounding land

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 6.48.27 PM

Tipperary Station is in Northern Territory – the “Top End” of Australia

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 6.49.18 PM

Berwick Lodge Primary School and Surrounding Towns

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 7.13.14 PM

Berwick Lodge Primary School is in Victoria at the “bottom end” of Australia!

Use these lists in proper sentences with commas.

Tipperary Students: Georgi, Shianna, Angus, Jack, Dustin, Zeeta

Topics: population, number of students, parks, playgrounds, pets, lunches, shops

Who presented at BLPS: Kyra, Chantel, Joshua, Josh, Bella, Bailey, Luke, Aaron, Emelia

This is Bella’s Example 

On Thursday the 6th of March we Skyped with Tipperary Station School. The names of their students were Zeeta, Dustin, Jack, Shianna, Angus and Georgi. The students who presented about pets, shops, playgrounds and parks were Kyra, Chantel, Luke, Josh, Joshua, Bailey, Aaron, Emelia and Bella.