The school fun run

On Wednesday the 17th of September we did a school fun run. We had to go out the school gates so we had to be careful. We  had to do 5 laps around the school and every time we had to get our card ticked off. Once we finished we sat down for a little while and and after that we had a sausage sizzle .” We couldn’t get our icey pole that day”. And at the start before the run we danced for a warm up . We all had a wonderful time.

Professor Maths

Rad, Seb, Teyha and Chelsi

Rad, Seb, Tehya and Chelsi

On Monday we went to Professor Maths. We  played lots of games like the spider game with a magnet. My favourite game was hit the target. We went with 2c. We were also in groups. I was in group 1  with Alex, Rad and Chelsi. Professor Maths was really funny. He juggled and one fell on the roof. After a while it was time to come back to the class. I thought it was a fantastic day with 2c and with my groups and of course with my class.

Adidas Fun Run

On the 17th of September we did the Adidas Fun Run. We had to do 5 laps. When it started I only jogged then I ran. For the first lap I went with Brody and the other laps with Kingston. Kingston and I had a stitch. We sang the song Jason (from the Footy Clinic) taught us. After that we just had to run to our parent and we will be  finished 5 laps and the Fun Run.  I came 6th but after all it is a Fun Run not a race. At the end we had a sausage on bread and our icey poles  came on Thursday. Our prizes will come in a couple of weeks. It was awesome.

By Josh.


Yesterday we went to the fun-run. We had to 5 laps around the school. I was walking with Kyra then she left so I walked with Kaity. Once I had finished I was so puffed. When we were all done we got sausages. I put lots of sauce on. The sauceges were delicshes. We had pieces of paper that had ticks and when we had 5 ticks we got our sausages. I sat with my friends to eat. The whole day was really fun. I was exhausted when I got home.

Adidas school Fun Run

Yesterday at 12.00 midday we went to the Fun Run to fund-raise money for the school. We raced each other as we ran. I decided to team with Lizzy. As I got tired Lizzy dragged me along. We got a drink at the 2nd lap.Lizzy and I ran as fast as our legs could take us. Through Collins Cresent we ran. Lizzy soon got tired. We had a 5 second stop.”Three laps done 2 to go!” we said to ourselves. As fast as lightning we ran to finish our 4th lap.”My leg is aching!” I shouted as I ran trying to keep up with Lizzy. We made a 90 degree turn around each corner. WOOSH!” Nearly there!””Yes! We did it ” I shouted happily. “And we came 10th too!” Lizzy and I lay on the ground. We were trying to sleep. Zzzz! Soon we were woken up so we could eat a spectacular sausage sizzle. I put lots of tomato sauce. I sat next to Lizzy and enjoy and enjoyed my SPECTACULAR lunch. Yummy! At the end of the day I was exhausted but it was PHENOMENAL!!!!


On Wednesday 17th of September 2014 we had a Fun Run  to raise money  for the concrete . We had  to  run 5 laps arouned the school  .  It was very tiring  I ran with Kyra and Brianna . It took a long time to run around the school 5 times. After I did 4 laps Kyra and I were really tired but we kept going . When we got to the end we felt SPECTACULAR.


On Tuesday the 16th of September my class went to the footy clinic. Our teacher’s name was Jason. He was very funny and very kind.

Jason said “Huff and puff everyday makes you strong, smart and happy.” He  said, “Do you want to play a game?” We all said yes so we played a really fun game. THE END

by Matilda

Fun Run From Kaity 2FS

On Wednesday 17th of September we went to the school Fun Run. Eventhough it was tiring I stil ran. We ran 200 meters or  more. It was ridiculousliy long. I raised $10 and I want a hand ball. It is for $10 and that’s good. It was a lovely day.


Professor Maths Visit

Rad, Seb, Teyha and Chelsi
Max, Elise, Elizabeth and Emelia

Max, Elise, Elizabeth and Emelia

On Monday the 1st of September. We went to Professor Math in the gym. He was really, really, really, really, really funny and he was a good juggler too. It was not a show because there was no one to help him. We  played  lots of games called Magnet Spider game, Cube Stack,  Marble Race, Flick the Marble, Penguins, and Hit the Target. Some of  them had a Super Challenge and they get a red cap and  a yellow vest. And the most important rule of all was the too “stay”.  My  group was Bella, Lizzy and Emelia.

By Max

Footy Clinic

On Tuesday the 16th of September Grade 2FS had a Footy clinic.We get to learn to play soccer. Our coach Jason  pretended that we were in his house and he had very valueble objects. We had to make a safe obstacal course. It was really FUN making a obstical couse. My team was Melborne Victory but my reall team is Liver Pool.  It was in the gym. Did you know that Jason is a coach to  Melborne Victory and Melborne City? My team mates was Matilda, Josh S, Emilia, Kingston, Bailey, Brody, Alex, Tyler, Lizzy and Kyra I can imagine. We did lots of warm ups. I got really hot after the footy clinic and I was hyper. I had a FANTASTIC TIME BYE!!


Hello everyone Bali has been so far  spectacular! I  had been  in the pool so much.

My hotel is amazing! It’s so hot here.

Hope your good  in the cold :D:P










Swimming by Abdul

When I went to swimming I did my bubbles. Then I did my torpedoes. On the second day I was in blue group. My teacher was called Mat. He was kind. The fifth day I had two turns on the block jumping into the pool. It was fun.The sixth day I jumped into the pool and did my doggy paddle.20140812120345