Fiji part 3

Hi 2FS today we went to a school. We donated some things. We donated pencils, textas, books and highlighters. We got lots of high fives. They all sang to us. We donated some money. It was lots of fun. Then we had a little swim back at the resort. Then we went to kids club and made shell necklaces and boats. It was awesome. Later we watched frog racing. We are having a great time!

Fiji part 2

Bula 2FS today we had kids club at 9:00am-12pm. It was lots of fun. We played a game when you can’t laugh. Later we had lunch. I had spaghetti Bolognese. After lunch we went in the pool. I found a coconut. Then we went to the kids club place to do fire lighting. That’s when you hold a stick that has fire on the end and say bula. It was fun.


20140731145948On the 16/7/14 prep to two did their swimming lessons. We did the torpedo, blowing bubbles and diving onto the noodle. I was a bit  nervous because I don’t like swimming. My instructor was Mat and he is a boy.  I was with Elise, Chelsi, Abdul and me. I had a great time. THE END.

Fiji part one


At the airport we had to go through four queues. One of the queues had an x-ray machine at the end. After we saw our cousins Chelsea, Caitlin, Zoe and Asa. We played on our ipods and iphones until the plane was ready to take off. Once we were in the plane we had to wait for half an hour until the plane took off. Hayley and I were told to go to sleep but we couldn’t. Later, on the plane I fell asleep. Then we arrived in Fiji. It was 6:00am. Fiji time is two hours ahead of Australia. It was nice and warm.

Miss Luke’s Grade

At Miss Luke20140731145626‘s grade we listened to a story called the enormous crocodile. Those were the people who didn’t go swimming. We also made him. We made masks yesterday and today. Today we made character masks. My mask was Jake the never landing pirate. I put red around my mouth, I put teeth, red cheeks, black around my eyes and put a eye patch. We read on the floor. Then it was fruit time. We did spelling twice. I was in group six.


Berwick Lodge P.S. went swimming for six sessions over 2 weeks. I was in purple group. The school where the pool was is very big. There is a P.S. and a kindergarten. I was with Leah, Justin, Judd, Jacob and Aaron. I did freestyle and backstroke. On the last day we went in the deep pool and I did a front flip in the deep pool. I love swimming so much. It is the best.20140725100555


On Wednesday last week we went to swimming.We had to go on the bus to get to swimming.The girls and I had to get undressed in the girls change rooms. I was in green group. On the other swimming lessons I was in  blue group. I learnt to  dive, doggy paddle, torpedo, do bubbles and  jump onto the noodle.We practised counting our toes while blowing bubbles. My friends were there too. We jumped off the diving boards. I jumped into the noodle and swam  to the edge of the pool. I felt extremely excited!


The End:)



The preps,1s and 2s all went swimming and it was swimming we had 3 sessions in the first 2 weeks 0f term.When we got there I was excited and we did swimming at Halibury.We learnt duck diving, torpedoes,free style and much more. Today was our last day for swimming.I couldn`t do it because I forgot my swimming stuf.                                                                          THE END


Hello everyone,
I know you are on school holidays now but some of you might visit the blog over the holidays. I am sorry I have been out of cyber space lately but the internet has been limited in some places and kept dropping out.
We have been to Yosemite National park on the look out for Yogi Bear! We didnt find him but there were a lot of warnings not to feed his friends or leave food around. Yosemite was beautiful and so peaceful. We went bike riding, small bush walks and best of all, we went rafting down the Mercad river. There were shallow and deep parts of the river making it difficult to raft down. There were little rapids to go throu too and sometimes we ended up spinning through them. When we were crossing the last rapid, we got stuck on a rock and we had to be nudged throuh by another raft, it was very funny. Our rafting adventures lasted about two hours. After that we had had to walk the raft up the river bank to the truck. We were exhausted but it was a lot of fun.
We packed up after two days and drove to San Francisco. I drove for a few hours which was scary because in America they drive on the opposite side of the road and the driver’s side of the car is also on the opposite side. I did very well though! It was a four hour drive to San Fran.
When we arrived, it was very cold and foggy. We drove to a look out to see the famous Golden Gate bridge but it was fogged in. We checked into our hotel and then walked down to ride the cable car. There was a big long line for the cable car but it moved very quickly. Once we got on, we settled in for a ride down to Fishermans Wharf riding the hilly streets of San Fran. We walked around and had dinner then caught a bus back to the hotel. We settled in for the night ready for our flight to Hawaii.
It was a four hour flight to Hawaii. I had a sleep while Mia and Cam wrote in their travel books and did some homework. When we arrived in Hawaii, we made our way to baggage collection, collected our bags and then caught a taxi to our hotel. The weather is beautiful and warm here and we are enjoying swimming.
Today we are going paddleboarding at the beach. It is nice and calm on the beach so it should be good conditions. We are going to also hire a car on Sunday and drive around the island and snorkel in different spots.
Thank you to everyone who has posted and written comments to me. I have missed you all and look forward to seeing you next term. I loved watching the Around the World video you made, it was wonderful.
From Mrs Froelich

Dear Mrs Froelich

Hi Mrs Froelich, it  is  Matilda. I miss you so so so so so so so so so much. We have been very busy working on transport. Thank you for letting us work on transport. I love it. Sounds really fun at Holllywood.                                                                         from Matilda