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We are grade 2 students at Berwick Lodge Primary School in Victoria Australia.

Kaity Wrote

  • This is the 2FS Blog and we are going to tell you about us.

Chelsi Wrote:

  • We are 2FS. It is fun in 2FS . We are Fantastic Superstars every day. I love this grade because it has very nice people. I love my work.

Chantel Wrote:

  • Berwick Lodge Primary School is in Berwick. There are 550 pupils in Berwick Lodge PS. There are 78 pupils in grade 2.  Our class is 2FS – 2 Fantastic Superstars.

Aaron Wrote:

  • Berwick Lodge Primary School is in the city of Casey, the city of Casey is in Victoria, Victoria is in Australia, Australia is in the Universe.

Tehya Wrote:

  • Our school is a really big school. We have 2 ovals and we have 4 playgrounds.

Kingston Wrote:

  • Our school is in Berwick, Victoria. Our school is near a park called Wilson Botanic Park.

Alex Wrote:

  • The specialists at our school are P.E., Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Mandarin.

Abdul Wrote:

  • We have Mandarin on Fridays. Our Mandarin teacher teaches us new Chinese words.

Joshua Wrote:

  • We also have pets. Seven students have cats, 13 students have dogs, 10 students have fish, 3 students have birds and 7 students have other pets.

Elise Wrote:

  • Some people like dancing, football, soccer, basketball and tennis.


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