On Tuesday the 16th of September my class went to the footy clinic. Our teacher’s name was Jason. He was very funny and very kind.

Jason said “Huff and puff everyday makes you strong, smart and happy.” He  said, “Do you want to play a game?” We all said yes so we played a really fun game. THE END

by Matilda

Footy Clinic

On Tuesday the 16th of September Grade 2FS had a Footy clinic.We get to learn to play soccer. Our coach Jason  pretended that we were in his house and he had very valueble objects. We had to make a safe obstacal course. It was really FUN making a obstical couse. My team was Melborne Victory but my reall team is Liver Pool.  It was in the gym. Did you know that Jason is a coach to  Melborne Victory and Melborne City? My team mates was Matilda, Josh S, Emilia, Kingston, Bailey, Brody, Alex, Tyler, Lizzy and Kyra I can imagine. We did lots of warm ups. I got really hot after the footy clinic and I was hyper. I had a FANTASTIC TIME BYE!!