Paris part 2

The next day I went with my family so we could get breakfast . I ate muffins and a piece of bread . We went shopping for groceries and food suplies like water. As usual we got cup noodles for my mother . I ate lunch at Macdonalds. I ate ‘Fillet O Fish’. Then we walked back to the apartment to sleep so we could wake up at night time to see Paris at night. Zz Zz. We  went to the Ilfle tower. It was beautiful! We went to see  other statues and fountains . This is how it  looked like …….


The next day we went to DISNEY LAND! We started to walk to the bus station . We were very puzzled that there was no bus sign but we still stayed there. We were very lucky that we were at the bus stop. We climbed up the bus and sat on a seat . I then slept for a few minutes. Zz Zz. I suddenly woke up and realized we reached DISNEYLAND! We went on the DISNEY RAILROAD to USA!(not really!) Then we waited at the entrance to see MISS RAP ! Then we headed to the scary rollercoaster in the HAUNTED HOUSE! There was a green face in a upside down jar. It could talk! In a strange, creepy voice. There was a robotic wolf jumping out at us. I saw four more people’s heads in glasses. It was very dark and scary.

We went to meet Mickey Mouse before lunch. We watched mickey mouse cartoon while we waited in line. When it was our turn, we hugged him and took a photo. He was very nice and cuddly. wr had fish and chips for lunch. After that we went for Mr. Mad Hatter’s tea cup ride. It was fun!

After that we went to Discovery land. we went on the Star Tour. It was a Star Wars ride. We went off to space! It was very cool!

The best part at Disneyland was the star tour and the roller coaster rides. I was very lucky to get a present from Miss Rap. It was a Frozen toy – Elsa! I love it! Thank you Miss Rap!